Ranunculus - what matters during and after the flowering period

Ranunculus - what matters during and after the flowering period

When do ranunculus bloom?

Ranunculus usually bloom in this country from May. Provided they are in the field. On the other hand, if they are in the room, flowering can start in March / April. The flowering period usually lasts 1 to 2 months if you handle the old flowers correctly ...

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Extend the flowering period - with these tricks

After flowering, plants often exhaust themselves when they develop their seeds. It is therefore an advantage if you regularly clean the withered flowers as a care product during the flowering period. As a result, new flower buds form.

There are other tricks you can use to extend the flowering period. Here are the 3 most important ones:

  • Fertilize the plant every 1 to 2 weeks
  • water abundantly
  • for pot culture: put in a cool room
  • for outdoor cultivation: plant in a partially shaded to shady place

Prepare for winter after flowering

Is the heyday over? Then now is the time to reduce the watering. The earth can also be dry once in a while. Stop fertilizing and cut off any withered and dry parts of the plant. The ranunculus is now slowly preparing for hibernation.


The ranunculus, which are grown in greenhouses in Holland, for example, for harvesting cut flowers, usually bloom as early as January / February and are then available in stores.