Lucky clover in red - decorative lucky charm

Lucky clover in red - decorative lucky charm

Maintain red lucky clover in a pot for several years

The joy of red lucky clover often does not last long, so that the plant is disposed of again after a short time. Lucky clover with red leaves can easily be kept for several years.

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With a little luck, you can even make it bloom and enjoy pretty white or white-pink flowers.

In order for the red lucky clover to thrive for several years, it only needs a little care:

  • water regularly
  • Avoid waterlogging
  • fertilize in summer
  • Repot occasionally

Repot immediately after purchase

If you want to care for your red lucky clover for several years, you should first repot it. Often the purchased plants were placed in poor quality substrate and the pots are often too small.

Completely replace the substrate. If you want, you can also separate the onions and multiply your lucky clover.

Later, the red lucky clover only has to be repotted when the old planter has become too small. Take a pot that is just a little bigger than the old one. Repotting may also be necessary if the substrate is completely exhausted.

Red lucky clover is only partially hardy

Red lucky clover originally comes from Mexico and is only partially hardy. You are welcome to put the plant outside in summer, but have to bring it back inside in autumn.

You can even plant red lucky clover in the bed. Then you have to dig up the bulbs in autumn, remove any green leaves and place the nodules in small pots with a substrate for planting.

Put the pots in a light, frost-free place until next spring. Do not fertilize and water so that the soil is just a little damp.


Red lucky clover is just as robust as other lucky clover varieties. Pests rarely occur, and diseases rarely occur. Rotting or pest infestation can only occur with poor care.