How to care for the mountain sandwort - tips and tricks

How to care for the mountain sandwort - tips and tricks

The best location for the mountain sandwort

Although the Arenaria montana does not need a lot of warmth to thrive, it does need a lot of light. A sunny location is necessary so that the plant blooms abundantly from May to July. Sunshine or lots of light for at least half of the day is ideal.

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The right soil for the mountain sandwort

As the name suggests, the mountain sandwort likes the mountains and the sand. So the soil should be dry and sandy, maybe even rocky. A slightly higher lime content does not affect the mountain sandwort. But it does not tolerate waterlogging, so it depends on good soil permeability.

Water and fertilize the mountain sandwort properly

The mountain sandwort can withstand weeks of drought quite well, so it does not have to be watered in normal weather. If the foliage becomes limp, water the plant thoroughly. Fertilizer is seldom necessary, because the sandwort thrives on poor soils. You should give it some compost or fertilizer only when planting and then only every two to three years.

The propagation of the sandweed

In order to get a lot of plants over time, you don't have to sow the mountain sandwort or struggle with cuttings. You can divide the existing plants about every two to three years and thus multiply them.

Cut off dead roots and dry shoots at the same time. In this way you can rejuvenate your plant population. Divide the root ball and plant the pieces again. A little compost makes it easier to grow.

The essentials in brief:

  • undemanding and easy to care for
  • Location: sunny
  • Soil: well drained, calcareous, rather dry
  • very suitable for rock gardens
  • fertilize: rarely or not at all
  • watering: only necessary in the event of persistent drought, morning or evening, not in the midday sun
  • Growth height: approx. 15 cm
  • Flowering period: May to June
  • Flower color: white


With a little fertilizer and regular watering, you can stimulate your Arenaria montana to flower particularly profusely.