How to Properly Prune Your Oak Leaf Hydrangea - Top Tips

How to Properly Prune Your Oak Leaf Hydrangea - Top Tips

How do you recognize the oak-leaved hydrangea?

You can recognize the oak-leaf hydrangea or oak-leaved hydrangea, as the name suggests, by its typical leaf shape. It is clearly reminiscent of an oak leaf with three to seven lobes. It shows its white flowers in early summer, which usually turn pink when they bloom.

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By the way, this hydrangea is originally native to the south-east of the USA and prefers a calcareous soil that should not be too dry or too moist. In terms of sun or shade, however, the oak-leaved hydrangea is very frugal and happy with what you can offer it.

When to cut the oak leaf hydrangea

You can prune the oak-leaved hydrangea, like all other varieties that bloom on old wood, in winter or spring. However, you should be very careful when doing this. The buds for the next season are already formed in the previous year, so leave them as undamaged as possible. Just above the top pair of buds, you can shorten the shoots and cut off the old inflorescences.

In a cold area, your oak-leaved hydrangea may need winter protection because it does not experience long periods of frost from its home. Cover the plant with a layer of leaves or sticks. It is also advisable to do the pruning in spring. Then you can remove any frost damage at the same time. If necessary, thin out the plant a little.

The essentials in brief:

  • blooms on the old wood
  • already buds in the previous year / autumn
  • Prune carefully in winter or spring
  • Cut just above the top pair of buds
  • remove old inflorescences
  • Thinning out the plant if necessary


The oak-leaved hydrangea blooms on the old wood. If you cut the plant too far back, you will have to forego at least some of the expected flowers in the coming season.