Is the hazelnut a shrub or a tree?

Is the hazelnut a shrub or a tree?

Small tree or large shrub

The hazelnut can grow into a shrub or a tree. Most of the cases that can be found in this country are hazelnut bushes. The reason is that the hazelnut is more difficult to grow as a tree. Responsible for this are her many stick movements, which she develops with a preference and which make her look like a bush.

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Whether as a small tree or as a large shrub, the hazelnut has a moderate growth in the first years of its life. Later, when it has gained a foothold in its location, it grows stronger and often becomes a nuisance for many gardeners that is difficult to remove.

The hazelnut as a shrub

As a shrub, the hazelnut reaches an average height of 5 m. Their maximum height is 6 m. As a shrub, it occupies a space between 4 and 6 m in width.

The hazelnut bush has many stems and is well branched and branched from the base. It grows upright and has a dense appearance. Due to its dense growth, the hazelnut is ideal as a shrub as:

  • hedge
  • Privacy screen
  • Windbreak
  • noise protection
  • Bird protection

The hazelnut as a tree

In the rarest of cases, the hazelnut grows into a small tree. As a tree, it reaches a size between 7 and 10 m. The crown is widespread, as the branches diverge widely with age. This results in an umbrella-shaped shape that turns the hazelnut tree into a valuable source of shade.

But why are there so few hazelnut trees that are ideal for home gardens, open lawns and large courtyards? The reason is that the hazelnut develops saplings at the base of its trunk. They give the plant a shrub-like appearance.

Tips & Tricks

Since the hazelnut likes to break out, it is easier to plant as a shrub. This saves you from having to regularly remove the rashes, which costs time and patience.