How to create a water connection in the garden yourself - instructions for do-it-yourselfers

How to create a water connection in the garden yourself - instructions for do-it-yourselfers

Material requirements and tools - that is what is required

Thanks to modern cold water pipes made of plastic, laying a water pipe in the garden is not reserved for the experienced plumber. Connection work up to the meter is reserved for the regional waterworks. Behind it, do-it-yourselfers can of course take action themselves to install a water connection in the garden. The following materials and tools are required:

  • Cold water system with 32 mm pipes made of polyethylene PE-HD including accessories
  • Sand, grit
  • Pavement slab
  • Wooden boards
  • Post shoe with screws
  • Teflon tape
  • Pipe shears or fine hand saw
  • drilling machine
  • file
  • spade
  • wheelbarrow

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Competent suppliers of cold water systems provide demand calculators for the material on their websites. Once the length of the supply lines has been determined, all required couplings, T-pieces, angles and screw connections are included in the scope of delivery. Therefore, please create a precise plan that includes all locations where water should be available in the garden.

Please note that these are only pipes for a cold water system in the garden. The temperatures must not exceed 20 degrees Celsius. The maximum pressure is 12.5 bar.

Preparatory work - let's go

The trade offers plastic pipes made of high-density PE-HD for underground installation as rolled-up rings with a length of up to 50 meters. Roll out the flexible pipe in the garden according to your plan and weigh it down with stones. At the measured junction from the main pipe to the tap, place the fittings and other parts as well as the pipe cutter on the floor, ready to hand.

In contrast to house connections, water connection pipes in the garden do not have to be laid at a frost-free depth of 80 to 100 cm. It is therefore sufficient to dig a 30 to 35 cm deep trench for the plastic pipes. Fill in fine sand halfway up to prevent stones from damaging the pipes. Lay the main pipe in the trench, but do not fill it in until you have verified with the aid of a pressure test that no water escapes.

Install the water connection - this is how it works

Measure the exact distance at the branch from the main pipe to the tap. Please also use a pipe with a diameter of 32 mm for this supply line so that a sufficient amount of water can always flow through it. Then dig a 30 to 35 cm deep trench, which in turn is half filled with sand. How to proceed:

  • Cut through the PE main pipe at the measured point with pipe shears or a saw
  • Smooth the interface with the file to prevent damage to the rubber seals
  • Slide the union nut, clamping ring and O-ring onto the cable
  • Connect the pipe, screw connection parts and union nut and tighten hand-tight

Finally, the main line and the branch are connected with the help of screw fittings and union nuts. To ensure that everything is firmly in place, please make sure that you first push in the molded part of the screw connection as far as the second stop before you tighten the union nut.

Connect and design the water tap - tips & tricks

The delivery of the cold water system includes a suitable dispenser pipe that you connect to the end of the branch pipe. We recommend a pavement slab as the floor for the fuel pump, in the center of which you drill a hole for the pipe to pass through. After a pressure test, fill the trench with sand and grit (€ 12.80 at Amazon *) as a substrate for the concrete slab.

Ideally, a post shoe gives the fuel pump tube additional stability. A wooden board acts as a back wall for the water tap, screwed to the post shoe with carriage bolts. Attach the connection piece for the faucet to the rear wall at waist height with stainless steel screws and connect it to the fuel pump pipe using an angle. Please do not seal the thread on the angle with hemp, but with Teflon tape.

In the last step, you create the connection between the tap and the connection piece, carefully sealed with Teflon tape. If you cover the water tap all around with wood, the rear wall panel is doubled so that the wall panel for the tap is located directly behind the front panel. Use a hole saw to create the opening to connect the tap and connection piece.

Tips for connecting to the house connection

Only when the water connection in the garden is connected to the public supply network can the water flow. In modern new buildings there is usually already a plastic pipe for the house connection in the ground. With a T-piece, the connection is made in no time.

If you want a connection to the garden pump or a deep well, the specialist trade has practical solutions ready. This also applies to the transition to narrow copper lines in older houses with the help of screw connections, adapters and coupling pieces.


Do you use your water connection in the garden for irrigation and the supply line to the pond and various water features? Then we recommend the additional installation of a garden water meter at the tap. That way you can save on wastewater charges.