This is how it works with the zebra herb with the care

This is how it works with the zebra herb with the care

How often should the zebra herb be watered?

The zebra herb comes from relatively dry areas in Central America and does not need a lot of water. You should provide the zebra herb with a little water regularly (about once a week), but the substrate of the zebra herb on the surface may dry out between watering. A relatively high level of humidity promotes flower formation in the zebra herb, which is why it is advisable to occasionally spray the leaves with low-lime, tempered water.

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What should be considered when repotting the zebra herb?

The zebra herb does not necessarily have to be repotted during cultivation in a sufficiently large pot. Every two to three years, however, repotting is recommended in the sense of a substrate exchange: the plant can grow particularly well in loose, nutrient-rich soil.

When and how should the zebra herb be cut?

Basically, the zebra herb does not actually have to be cut. In the following cases, however, pruning is quite possible and relatively unproblematic:

  • when cutting particularly long shoots
  • for propagation by cuttings
  • in the case of optically unsatisfactory growth due to care errors

The zebra herb sometimes only grows suboptimally when it is in full sun or when it forms only a few leaves due to a lack of nutrients. Once the respective location and maintenance problems have been resolved, pruning can mark the start time for fresh, more satisfactory growth.

Which pests attack the zebra herb?

As with other varieties of the three-masted flower, it can occasionally be infested with aphids. However, these can easily be combated with appropriate beneficial insects or simply removed mechanically.

How can the zebra herb be protected from disease?

The zebra herb is generally not very susceptible to disease. A spontaneous loss of leaves, on the other hand, can be an indication of incorrectly dosed water and fertilizer applications as well as a location that is too sunny or too cold.

What should be considered when fertilizing the zebra herb?

The zebra herb has only a very low nutritional requirement during the winter rest phase. Between spring and autumn, some liquid fertilizer can be added with the irrigation water about every two weeks.

Is the zebra herb winterproof?

The commercially available varieties of zebra herb are indeed happy to take a temporary excursion to a partially shaded place outdoors during the summer months, but in winter the plant should be overwintered in a bright place in the house at at least 12 to 15 degrees.


In order to achieve a bushy look with a traffic light planting, about 10 to 15 rooted cuttings can be planted in a pot.