Store avocado properly - this is how it develops the necessary ripeness

Store avocado properly - this is how it develops the necessary ripeness

Good storage starts with the purchase

The flesh of a ripe avocado is very sensitive to pressure. In addition, an avocado tends to overripe quickly. That is why you should only buy unripe specimens in stores that only ripen at home. In this way, perfect avocados can be eaten “precisely”.

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In this country, two types are mainly offered:

  • Fuerte avocados that are firm and green
  • Hass avocados, with initially dark and later black skin and pimples


Pick up an avocado. If it feels firm and its skin is also light, then it is suitable for purchase.

Storage is mandatory for this fruit

Since an avocado first has to ripen before it can be turned into a delicious guacamole, for example, storage at home is inevitable. It is recommended to keep the green avocado in a paper bag with an apple at room temperature. The apple gives off the ripening gas ethylene, which accelerates the ripening process of the avocado.

Save a whole avocado

Unripe, whole avocados are not stored in the refrigerator, but at normal room temperature. However, excessive exposure to light should be avoided.

Storage of half a fruit

If only half of the avocado is needed initially, storing the remaining half is a challenge. The open cut surface makes it more susceptible to rot germs. How to properly store a cut avocado:

  • keep half with the core
  • the core keeps the pulp longer
  • wrap with cling film
  • put something into the fridge


The avocado seed is rich in nutrients and can be grated in small amounts and added to smoothies.

The end of the ripening period

As an avocado ripens, the end of its storage life is approaching. It has to be used up quickly because it could soon be too ripe for it. It can take about five days for the tire to mature after purchase. To know when it is time to end storage:

  • the skin of a Hass avocado should be black
  • the pulp must be soft, but not mushy
  • the skin of a Fuerte avocado may glow green
  • black spots on the peel are signs of spoilage
  • the pulp should give way slightly under pressure

If you remove the stem and find light green pulp, you have adjusted the optimal degree of ripeness.

A ripe avocado has to change its storage location

Once an avocado has ripened sufficiently, it must be consumed immediately or relocated. Then the fruit should no longer be stored at room temperature, but in the refrigerator. It can be kept there for about three days and should be consumed within this time.

Is the avocado still edible?

The avocado is a natural product and so you cannot rely on fixed time limits for the shelf life. Here it is important to trust your own senses:

  • black spots in the flesh mean spoilage
  • they can be cut out liberally
  • the mild avocado taste must not have a moldy note

Conclusion for quick readers

  • Varieties: Green Fuerte avocados and black-skinned Hass avocados are offered in this country
  • Purchase: Avocados should only be bought unripe and only ripen at home
  • The reason: Ripe fruits are sensitive to pressure and tend to overripe quickly
  • Purchase criteria: If the skin is light and the fruit is tightly filled
  • Post-ripening: Together with an apple, which gives off the ripening gas ethylene, in a paper bag at room temperature
  • End of the ripening period: the flesh is soft but not mushy; Hass avocado has got a black skin
  • Warning: Black spots on the skin of a Fuerte avocado come from spoilage
  • Optimal ripeness: When the steep edge is removed and there is light green flesh underneath
  • Ripe avocado: Consume immediately or store in the refrigerator and consume within three days
  • Half an avocado: The half with the core is more durable; Wrap in foil and place in the refrigerator
  • Tip: The core contains many nutrients; May be grated in small amounts in smoothies
  • Edibility: relying on your own senses; the avocado, which is mild in itself, shouldn't taste rotten
  • Black spots: Black flesh can be cut out liberally

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