When should the bamboo be fertilized?

When should the bamboo be fertilized?

Proper fertilization plays an important role in supporting good growth of the bamboo plants. Because the roots of bamboo branch out widely, nutrients must be directly absorbable in the soil. To fertilize bamboos, it is best to use organic fertilizers or special bamboo fertilizers. But also compost, bamboo leaves, coffee grounds and horse manure supply the bamboo plants with organic nutrients. In addition, the use of organic fertilizers prevents over-fertilization.

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Best fertilization time and dosage

Caring for giant grasses naturally means meeting special requirements in terms of location and nutrient supply. Bamboos are heavy consumers. They need a lot of nitrogen for their rapid growth and should be fertilized 2-3 times a year. The fertilizing season starts in mid-April. Shortly before the new shoots of the stalks. No more fertilizing should be done later than the end of August. So the stalks can ripen by winter.

A complete nitrogenous fertilizer is suitable as fertilizer. Since bamboo is a giant grass, it can also cope with conventional lawn fertilizers. Most bamboo varieties are sensitive to acidic soils, as well as having a pH value below 6.

Yellow leaves alarm - high time for special fertilizers

The fast growing bamboos need trace elements. Nitrogen, silicon and magnesium. Yellow bamboo leaves can be an alarm signal for nitrogen deficiency, which should be corrected immediately so that healthy green can grow back. Evenly distribute a strong dose of horse manure or bamboo fertilizer in the root area and then water well.

Coffee grounds and horse manure as organic fertilizers

Coffee grounds contain phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. All three have an activating effect on the metabolism. You either add fresh coffee grounds to the irrigation water or bamboo water or distribute it directly around the bamboo.

As a grass plant, the same applies to bamboo as it does to meadows and lawns: nature provides the best fertilizer. Horse manure or cattle manure. Manure contains high levels of nitrogen. When using it, however, care should be taken to ensure that only stored, composted manure from the previous year is used.

Because not everyone has a horse in the garden, there are alternative special bamboo fertilizers with long-term effects. By using organic fertilizers, the plants receive important nutrients that are extracted from the soil. The most important nutrients for bamboos are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). That is why the use of so-called NPK fertilizers is also recommended.

Tips & Tricks

You can fertilize with coffee grounds all year round. Provided there is no mountain of coffee in the garden;). For a super fertilizer that really goes off, mix coffee grounds with horn shavings (€ 6.39 at Amazon *) and spread grass clippings on top. That saves money and waste.