Rain barrel 1000l test 2020: the best models in comparison

Rain barrel 1000l test 2020: the best models in comparison

Product types

Have you decided to buy a 1000 liter rain barrel? First of all, you now have the choice between two different shapes. Round or square, the water doesn't care. In order to find the right model for your requirements, however, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of both variants.

Square rain barrels

The angular variant is not the classic shape, but has many advantages. Above all, the space savings should be mentioned here. Thanks to the straight edges, this model can be placed directly on the house wall. Whether you prefer a flat, rectangular or tall, square rain barrel does not matter in this regard. However, the cleaning of this form is a bit more time-consuming, as dirt deposits in the corners are not so easy to reach.

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Those who want to build their own rain barrel are well advised to use the angular variant. The dimensions and sawing work are much easier to implement with this form.

  • Space saving
  • Numerous designs
  • Easy DIY
  • Difficulty cleaning
1000 liter plastic tank e.g. rain barrel our recommendation
1000 liter plastic tank e.g. rain barrel
150.00 EUR To the product

Round rain barrels

Everyone who thinks of a rain barrel has the round cylinder shape in mind. In direct comparison to the square rain barrel, the advantages and disadvantages are exactly the opposite. Cleaning the interior walls is easier because there are no nooks and crannies. On the other hand, the round rain barrel does not completely fill the corners of the building and does not fit exactly against a wall. The resulting gaps can in turn lead to extra work when cleaning the terrace, as leaves can fall into the gap.

  • Easy cleaning
  • Variable in height
  • Voids between walls and the barrel
WERIT-Sanitär-Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co.KG rainwater barrel 1000l our recommendation
WERIT-Sanitär-Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co.KG rainwater barrel 1000l
170.00 EUR To the product

Further purchase criteria

Once you have decided on a basic model, the final purchase decision is far from being settled. You should also consider the following criteria:

  • Optical features
  • Practical features

Optical features

The appearance is irrelevant for the functionality of the rain barrel. Those who care for their garden with a lot of love, of course, pay attention to a coherent overall picture.


The standard color of a 1000 liter rain barrel is a dark green. These models are mostly made of simple plastic. Although this color seems subtle, it sometimes looks a bit artificial. With weatherproof paint you can give your rain barrel a new design in no time at all. It is entirely up to you whether you opt for an inconspicuous natural shade or make the bin with bright colors an eye-catcher in your garden.

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Only paint the outside of the bin so that no paint particles get into the rainwater.

Graf Garantia column tank stone gray 1000 l our recommendation
Graf Garantia column tank stone gray 1000 l
411.07 EUR To the product


The nobler (albeit more elaborate) type of redesign is a disguise. If you line up skilfully, the rain barrel will no longer be recognized as this. By surrounding your rain barrel with a stone wall, you turn the barrel into a fountain. The wood paneling is also popular, which is suitable for beginners due to the easier procedure.

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Weidenprofi willow mat, privacy screen made of willow, cladding roller fence (WXH) 300 x 50 cm our recommendation
Weidenprofi willow mat, privacy screen made of willow, cladding roller fence (WXH) 300 x 50 cm
19.90 EUR To the product

Practical features

What good is a large rain barrel that does more work in maintenance and scooping water than it does? To save yourself hassle after the purchase, you should consider these criteria.


1000 l rain barrels (€ 149.95 at Amazon *) are available in stores either made of wood or plastic. The latter variant is of course much cheaper and requires less maintenance. However, you should keep in mind that PVC is harmful to the environment compared to wood. Wood, on the other hand, looks nicer and, with the right impregnation, is also weatherproof.


As already mentioned, plastic does not have a commendable ecological balance. If you still use this material, pay particular attention to high quality and good workmanship. The longer your rain barrel lasts, the less you pollute the environment with waste.


rain barrel-1000l

But what are the characteristics of a durable plastic rain barrel? Check the following properties before buying:

  • UV-resistant
  • well welded seams
  • steadfast
  • stable ground
  • extra coating on the inner walls
  • resistant to cleaning agents


On the one hand, you are responsible for the stability of your rain barrel; on the other hand, the shape determines this criterion. Only place the vessel on level surfaces. It is best to build a foundation before setting up. The stability of your rain barrel decreases with increasing altitude. Especially in the case of large models with a capacity of 1000 l, there is a risk of the bin falling over when empty in strong winds. Wide, flat models are therefore more recommended.

Brands / sources of supply

1000 l rain barrels are available from hardware stores. Alternatively, ask a waste disposal company about empty drums. However, you must clean them thoroughly with water before filling.

Care instructions

When the standing rainwater in the barrel freezes in winter, the volume increases. Especially rain barrels made of plastic then threaten to burst. For this reason, it is important to empty a 1000 l rain barrel (regardless of its material) to at least a quarter of the water before the first night frosts.


If you already have a 500 l rain barrel and would like to increase your water consumption from the environmentally friendly collection aid, you do not necessarily have to dispose of your old container. Note that every unused garbage can means rubbish for the environment. Simply expand your current collection container to a 1000 l rain barrel by connecting two models. Detailed instructions are given below.

Connect rain barrels

How to connect two 500 l rain barrels to one 1000 l rain barrel:

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Required material

Tank connection DN50 opposite - for 2 tanks (tanks are not included in the offer) our recommendation
Tank connection DN50 opposite - for 2 tanks (tanks are not included in the offer)
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  • Garden hose
  • Hose scissors (preferably with a triangular blade), alternatively a cutter or large wire cutters
  • Fabric tape


  • Test whether the garden hose is tight
  • Cleaning the garden hose
  • Cut the garden hose to the required length
  • make sure the interface is clean
  • hang one end of the hose in the first barrel
  • fix with fabric tape
  • do not squeeze the hose
  • put the other end to your mouth and suck until water touches your lips
  • hang the second end in the other rain barrel and fix it with fabric tape
  • important: the hose must not draw any air