The hyacinth has faded - what now?

The hyacinth has faded - what now?

Cut off blooming flowers

Whether you keep the hyacinth in a pot or in the garden, when the flowers have finished blooming, don't cut them too deep. A piece of the stem should be left on the plant.

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Never remove the green foliage from the plant. It is through them that the tuber absorbs nutrients. If you cut the leaves, the bulb will have no strength for new flowers in the next year.

Maintain hyacinths in the garden after flowering

When the hyacinth in the flower bed has faded, it hardly needs any care. At some point the foliage will turn yellow and pull in. The tuber goes into hibernation.

Since hyacinths are hardy and tolerate frost well, winter protection is not necessary.

In autumn, you should carefully rake some ripe compost into the soil around the tubers so that the onion can sprout again vigorously next year.

Plant the hyacinths in the pot after flowering

A great way to keep potted hyacinths for several years is to plant them outdoors when they have bloomed.

In most cases the hyacinth will sprout again in the next year and beautify the garden with its pretty flowers.

Keep hyacinth in the pot for several years

It is not easy to get hyacinths to grow in pots next year. The plant needs:

  • Rest
  • Cold treatment
  • Light for new growth

If you want to try it once to let the hyacinth in the pot bloom for several years, send it to the dormant phase when it is finished.

Put the planter in a shady place and stop watering completely. The earth has to dry up.

No new shoots without cold treatment

In October, remove any remaining leaves and place the tuber in new soil.

Put them in the vegetable drawer from the refrigerator for several weeks to stratify them. Without this cold treatment, the hyacinth will not form flowers in the following year.

Alternatively, you can put the covered tuber in the pot on the balcony or terrace for several days, even when the temperature is below zero.

As soon as the first green tips appear, get the plant used to warmer temperatures and water more frequently.

Tips & Tricks

If you have limited space in the flowerbed, remove the tubers from the soil when the foliage is yellow. The onions are stored clean and dry in the cellar or garage over the winter. Then plant them out again in autumn or spring.