Help! We have aphids on our roses - what to do?

Help! We have aphids on our roses - what to do?

Effectively prevent an infestation

As prevention is known to be better than cure, you should prevent a possible aphid infestation in advance. Effective prevention begins with the purchase of the roses, whereby you should only purchase healthy and undamaged goods with strong roots. If, on the other hand, the rose makes a weak impression, or if it even has withered leaves or shoots, you should keep your hands off it. The likelihood of bringing a plant disease into the house or garden or attracting aphids is simply too high. The animals prefer to attack weakened plants, which is why further prevention is aimed at strengthening the roses. This in turn happens not only through special, plant-based strengthening agents, but also through optimal site conditions and good care.

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What to do when it's too late Effectively fight aphids

But even if you do everything right, aphids can settle on your roses. Act as quickly as possible to minimize the damage. In addition, the lice can be controlled more easily if they are infected in the early stages.

Home remedies for aphids

In the case of a lighter infestation, in particular, various household remedies have proven effective, which are gentle on the plant but put an end to the unloved aphids. These three methods are particularly important:

Treatment with soft soap and alcohol

The mixture of soft soap (17.27 € at Amazon *) and alcohol has proven itself in the fight against aphids, whereby there are different recipes. Instead of soap and alcohol, you can also use washing-up liquid and sunflower or rapeseed oil, although you should use non-flavored agents if possible. Ecological washing-up liquids or those for sensitive skin are particularly suitable.

Attack aphids with lavender oil

You have probably heard or read that you should plant roses and lavender together. In fact, this combination also looks very aesthetic in the garden and is effective against aphids, but the two types of plants have completely different needs in terms of location and care. Instead, you can tackle the aphids with a mixture of water and a few drops of lavender oil, because the animals don't particularly like the aroma of this Mediterranean plant.

Use nettle manure against aphids

Nettle is also not very popular with aphids, which is why treatment with nettle manure usually works well. In addition, this remedy has the advantage that it has a strengthening effect and also supplies the rose with important nutrients - nettle manure is an excellent tonic and a good fertilizer.

Fight aphids naturally

In addition to the home remedies described, various useful insects or their larvae can also be used to effectively combat aphids. Beneficial organisms such as ladybirds, lacewings, hover flies and earwigs can easily be established with the help of an insect hotel. You can also purchase the animals you want and bring them out directly in your garden.

Biological and chemical control agents

Biological and chemical control agents such as neem and others should be used as little as possible. These substances are not only toxic to aphids, but also to humans and other animals.


Wherever there are aphids, there are often ants. Keep an eye out for these little crawlers and scare them off as soon as they can, as they can cause serious damage, especially to the roots of the plants.