Sour cherries: what types are there?

Sour cherries: what types are there?

Three types of sour cherries

A basic distinction must be made between three different types of sour cherries. There are glass cherries, sweet cherries and morello cherries. The former type of sour cherry ripens early, is yellowish-red to medium red and slightly translucent. The sweet cherries are - as their name suggests - sweeter in taste than the other two types. The morello cherries are the most famous types of sour cherries and are quite sour.

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Varieties for fresh consumption

The varieties 'Jade' and 'Hungarian Grapes' are best suited for fresh consumption straight from the tree. Both varieties ripen late and usually in the 7th cherry week. The sour cherry 'Jade' is extremely aromatic and the 'Hungarian Grape' is considered the best variety to snack on.

The best early maturing varieties

The varieties that ripen early (between the 3rd and 4th cherry weeks (late June to mid-July)) include the following varieties:

  • 'Heimanns Ruby Weichsel'
  • 'Corundum'
  • 'Diemitzer Amarelle'
  • 'Ludwig's Morning'
  • 'Werdersche Glass Cherry'

Medium-late ripening varieties

The variety 'Köröser Weichsel', which ripens between the 5th and 6th week of cherry, has extremely large fruits and is good at removing stones. Like the sour cherries' Schattenmorelle ',' Lange Lotkirsche 'and' Saphir'®, it is one of the mid-late ripening varieties.

Late ripening varieties

The following sour cherries are harvested between the 6th and 7th cherry week:

  • 'Stevnsbaer': extremely juicy, easily removes stones
  • 'Heimann's canned food': self-fertile, stone dissolving, high juice content
  • 'Morellenfeuer': productive, self-fertile
  • 'Gerema': robust
  • 'Karneol' ®: easily removes stones

Little disease-prone varieties

Furthermore, disease-resistant varieties in particular have proven themselves. They include, for example, the sour cherry 'Meteor'. It is self-fertile, extremely healthy and especially popular for home gardens. In addition, Prunus 'Morina' ® is recommended. This variety, which ripens towards the end of June, impresses not only with its disease tolerance but also with its balanced sugar-acid ratio.

Last but not least, the 'Csengödi' variety from Hungary is to be recommended. It has the best resistance to monilia and is robust against the spray stain disease. At the same time, it delivers regular and high yields and its fruits taste almost as appealing as sweet cherries.

Tips & Tricks

If you are looking for extraordinary specimens among the sour cherry varieties: How about the dwarf form like the variety Prunus cerasus 'Griotella' ®. It produces high yields and the fruits can be picked without a ladder due to the small size of the plant. Or how about a self-fruiting pyramid shape like Prunus cerasus 'Maynard' ®?