The mountain palm is an easy to care for houseplant

The mountain palm is an easy to care for houseplant

Mountain palms do not tolerate direct sunlight as well

In their homeland, mountain palms get a lot of light, but they are never in direct sunlight. If you keep a mountain palm as a houseplant, look for a location where it can only get direct sunlight in the morning or evening.

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The mountain palm should not be too dark, as it will grow dark if there is too little light and the leaves will turn brown. The growth then looks rather poor.

In summer you are welcome to put your mountain palm outside. Find a spot in partial shade and do not put it directly in the sun so that the fronds do not burn. If it gets colder than ten degrees, bring the houseplant back into the house.

Properly care for mountain palm as a houseplant

  • Water a lot in summer
  • fertilize moderately
  • repot annually
  • cool in winter

Mountain palms need a lot of water. Dip the root ball in a bucket of water every two weeks so that the substrate can soak up. The mountain palm can even tolerate stagnant water at the roots for a short time. Spray the leaves with water more often to prevent brown fronds from forming.

The mountain palm is fertilized once a month with normal liquid fertilizer. Reduce the amount indicated on the packaging by half.

You should repot mountain palms every spring. A larger pot is only necessary if the roots protrude from the top of the container.

Winter a little cooler

During the growth phase from March to September, the mountain palm loves high temperatures. In winter you should put them in a cooler place. Ideal winter temperatures are between 12 and 14 degrees.

In winter the mountain palm is watered more sparsely. Only give fresh water when the top of the pot ball is already dry.

Mountain palms are not hardy and can only tolerate temperatures below ten degrees for a short time.


Mountain palms can be propagated from seeds. The propagation of the non-toxic houseplant takes a long time and is therefore only recommended for palm lovers with a lot of patience.

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