How to care for your coffee plant - tips and tricks

How to care for your coffee plant - tips and tricks

The right soil and the best location

Sunny and warm, that's how your coffee plant likes it best. A partially shaded location is ideal for young plants. You should only get used to the midday sun slowly for your Coffea arabica. The same applies if you want to put your coffee plant in the garden or on the balcony in summer. Cool nights can quickly damage the plant.

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Water and fertilize the coffee plant properly

A coffee plant can best be watered “by feeling”. Test with your finger how dry or damp the soil is. You should only pour the Coffea arabica again when the top layer has dried slightly. Occasional spraying with lime-free water or a rain shower is a boon for the coffee plant. Add some liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water once a month or use long-term fertilizers.

When and how should I prune my coffee plant?

The coffee plant does not have to be pruned regularly. If it gets too big for you, then you can use a knife or secateurs. The plant can withstand heavy pruning. The best time for this is spring. You can then use part of the clippings as cuttings for propagation.

How do I care for the coffee plant in winter?

The coffee plant must never overwinter in the garden. It is not hardy and needs suitable winter quarters. Water your coffee plant a little more sparingly in winter and make sure that it is bright enough. Both too little light and too much water could result in yellow or brown leaves. Fertilization is not necessary in winter.

Can I grow coffee plants myself?

If you grow a coffee plant yourself, you should be patient. The germination of the seeds can take four weeks at a minimum of 25 ° C. Even after that, the coffee plant does not grow particularly quickly. Using cuttings instead of seeds will make growing them a little easier and less time-consuming.

The most important care tips in brief:

  • Location: bright and sunny to partially shaded
  • easy to care for
  • grows quite slowly
  • Water regularly when the soil is slightly dry
  • fertilize from April to September
  • cut compatible
  • not hardy
  • Temperature not below 15 ° C all year round, ideal: 20 ° C to 24 ° C
  • Propagation by cuttings or sowing
  • well suited as a houseplant
  • Can be kept outdoors in summer
  • blooms only after a few years


The slow-growing coffee plant is well suited as a houseplant and can also be used in the garden in summer.