Skinning cucumbers is not difficult

Skinning cucumbers is not difficult

When it comes to cucumbers, there is disagreement among gardening professionals on the subject of pruning. Either way - it neither harms the cucumber plants nor does it guarantee an abundant cucumber harvest. And knowing how to max out cucumbers is sensible and useful for anyone who wants to grow cucumbers.

When it comes to tomatoes, gardeners agree: in order to achieve decent harvest yields, you have to exhaust them regularly. On the other hand, when it comes to pruning cucumber plants, there is only one good answer: Anyone who wants to know exactly, should try it out for themselves. Simply take two of the same types of cucumber. One maxed out and the other not. Then you will - without question - be smarter in the next gardening year.

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Why max it out?

Stingy shoots are sterile side shoots that grow from the leaf axils between the summer shoot and the leaf stalk. There are a few good reasons for pricking out unnecessary side shoots, buds and flowers in cucumbers:

  • controlled growth
  • stronger and more robust cucumber plants
  • increased flower and fruit formation

Correct pruning directs the energy of the cucumber plants into flowers and fruits instead of side shoots. By the way: In contrast to tomatoes, cucumbers do not have to be skimmed regularly. Exhausted is exhausted! This work is only necessary once, because cucumbers do not grow new side shoots.

Once cucumber is enough

Cucumber plants that grow up on climbing aids can be pruned at the bottom and at the top. To do this, simply snap off the lowest buds and transverse shoots up to 60 centimeters above the ground with your thumb and forefinger. This promotes bud formation above it and prevents the bottom cucumbers from being in the ground. So soil pests and moisture stay away from the fruits. If you want to max out greenhouse cucumbers, you have to remove the tips in good time before the plants hit the roof.

Pruning plants without climbing support

With free-range cucumbers without a climbing aid, you can hardly distinguish between the main and side shoots after a while. Here individual side shoots are regularly removed when watering or harvesting cucumbers. Don't let individual cucumber plants grow too big. Because, with or without pruning, this can weaken the plant. And that means unwanted pauses when harvesting cucumbers.

The best green thumb trick to remove side shoots: After 2 gherkins and leaves, cut off the side shoots. Attention! Only the side shoots - please NOT the main shoot. If you discover more shoots on the side shoots, remove them after the first cucumber and the first leaf.

Tips & Tricks

Skimming cucumbers is worth twice. On the one hand you get more healthy fruits and on the other hand you create more space, air and light for the plants because the lush growth is deliberately limited.