Drying or freezing savory - which is better?

Drying or freezing savory - which is better?

As long as your summer savory is still there, you can harvest it. But since it is an annual, its days are numbered. In contrast, the mountain savory sprouts new shoots almost all year round, the old shoots slowly become woody. There is no harm in harvesting this herb until frost.

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Since savory goes particularly well with winter dishes such as bean dishes and stews, it is advisable to keep a winter supply in the form of dried or frozen herbs.

Dry the savory

The easiest way to dry the savory is to tie it in small bunches and hang it in a shady, warm place to dry. If this is not possible, dry the herb in a dehydrator or in your oven. Use the dehydrator according to the operating instructions.

To dry in the oven, spread the savory on a baking sheet and place it in the oven at around 30 - 50 ° C with the door slightly open. It takes a few hours to dry. After they have completely cooled down, rub the leaves off the stems, place them in a dark screw-top jar and store it in a cool, dry place.

Advantages of drying:

  • slight flavor enhancement
  • universal use
  • also suitable for flowers
  • always avaliable

Freeze the savory

Savory can be easily frozen for a few months. Depending on how you want to use it later, freeze entire stems or bouquets or just the leaves. You can put these in ice cube trays with a little water until the cubes are frozen. Then transfer the cubes into larger containers. They are packaged in a flavor-proof manner and yet can be removed in small portions. Alternatively, you can freeze small bouquets of savory along with the vegetables you plan to use them with.

Advantages of freezing:

  • short preparation
  • no change in taste
  • uncomplicated storage

Tips & Tricks

Savory can be dried and frozen very well, so you always have a supply to season for delicious vegetable and fish dishes.


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