The palm gets yellow leaves - is it sick?

The palm gets yellow leaves - is it sick?

Lack of light

Almost all palm species are true sun worshipers and love it when the sunlight spoils the foliage for several hours a day. If the palm is too dark, the fan turns first light green and later yellow. This can be remedied by a change of location or a plant lamp (€ 28.51 at Amazon *) that compensates for the lack of light.

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Nutritional deficiency

Often the newly bought palm is in a pot that is much too small and hardly contains any substrate. As a result, the nutrients are used up quickly and the plant stunted. If roots are already growing out of the drainage hole, it is high time to move the palm. Planted in fresh soil, the plant usually recovers quickly.

Fertilize moderately but regularly

During the growth phase, you should provide the palm with a suitable fertilizer every 14 days. The dosage depends on the type:

  • Fast-growing varieties receive the amount of fertilizer indicated on the packaging.
  • Slow-growing palms only get half the amount.

Over-fertilization also leads to yellow leaves

An oversupply of nutrients is at least as harmful as an undersupply. If you meant it too well, do not fertilize the plant for a few weeks. The leaf damage then usually disappears on its own.


In winter quarters, the palm tree very often gets yellow fronds. The reason for this is again a lack of light. The warmer the plant is in the cold season, the higher the light requirement. A plant lamp, which is switched on by the hour, helps here too.


Regular sprayings with algae juice will help maintain the rich color of the fronds. The agent also strengthens the resistance of the plant.