Lawn mower keeps going off - what to do?

Lawn mower keeps going off - what to do?

Low petrol levels make lawnmowers powerless

If your lawn mower does not work all the time, first take a look at the fuel tank. If there is only a small amount of petrol left in it, the mower will stop on every bump. The liquid sloshes back and forth in the tank, so that when the level is low, air gets into the gasoline line and the engine stops. After you have refilled with new gasoline, the lawn mower will run continuously.

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Old gasoline causes the engine to die

Does the engine strike when you mow the lawn for the first time after the winter break? Then the fuel is too old. Without preservatives, the gasoline breaks down during the long break and can lead to gumming in the component system. Drain the old gasoline and add fresh fuel.

When the spark plug burns down, the engine runs out of breath

When a lawnmower stutters and puts a strain on the nerves with dropouts, burned-out spark plugs are one of the most common causes. Therefore, if there is enough gasoline in the tank, carefully inspect the spark plug. How to do it right:

  • Turn off the unwilling lawnmower and place it in the shade to cool down
  • Remove the connector from the spark plug
  • Take a spark plug wrench and remove the spark plug

The condition of the spark plug and contacts determines how to proceed. Please replace a heavily burned, deep black sooty candle. This also applies if cracks have formed in the porcelain. In all other cases, clean the spark plug and contacts with a brush and cloth, without using water or liquid cleaner. Screw the spark plug back in, put the connector on, and continue mowing.


Does your lawnmower stop when everything is okay with fuel and spark plugs? Then the carburetor is targeted as the culprit. Take the operating instructions to hand. Here you can read how you can clean and readjust the carburetor yourself.