Making rhododendrons hardy is worth it ...

Making rhododendrons hardy is worth it ...

In addition, through intensive breeding, new varieties with sometimes several flower colors are created. But also beautiful foliage, compact growth and above all good winter hardiness are important breeding goals, for example with the varieties

  • Rhododendron luteum
  • Yakushimanum hybrids
  • Rhododendron Catawbiense hybrid

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As a rule, it is not a problem to overwinter them in the garden. Exceptions are some species that are not so hardy and cultivars cultivated in pots. What can help with wintering? As a hobby gardener, this is of particular interest to you.

Winter care and winter protection

Rhododendrons have very shallow roots in the earth. Frost first moves deeper into the earth from the soil surface. Therefore, the shallow roots are the first to threaten frost damage. This endangers the entire plant. Protect your rhododendron despite mild winters and global warming!

Hibernate rhododendrons in the bed

Partial shade and a moderately acidic soil with a pH value of 4.0 to 5.0 is the optimal location. With this you have already done half the work to ensure that your rhododendron gets through the winter in good health.

Due to less rain and snowfall, your rhododendron lacks natural protection from the cold in winter. Therefore, moderate irrigation with low-lime water is important before the onset of frost. At minus temperatures and at the same time in direct sunlight there is a risk of drought damage. No watering helps, only shading with reed mats. Then your rhododendron will survive the coldest season and delight you with lush green leaves.

Hibernate rhododendrons in the bucket

Rhododendrons in tubs or pots need more care. A sheltered location without direct sunlight brings it into spring. The planters should stand on a thick styrofoam plate (€ 25.90 at Amazon *). Moderate watering prevents drought.

You can avoid these care mistakes

  • Many rhododendrons that do not survive the winter did not freeze to death, but died of thirst.
  • Avoid waterlogging when watering and make sure that excess water drains off.
  • Rolled leaves can also be a sign of frost. If it gets warmer, they roll up again.

Tips & Tricks

Hibernating rhododendrons planted in the bed is not a problem, provided the soil and location are right. If kept in a bucket, winter protection and a wind-protected location are required. Most importantly, don't forget to pour. But you mustn't drown them either!