The marigolds - not only pretty but also edible

The marigolds - not only pretty but also edible

It all depends on the variety

Even if they are not poisonous, not all daily specials are aromatic. The flowers of the marigold often taste unpleasantly bitter. Tasty flowers have:

  • tagetes fenuifolia. Their aroma is reminiscent of fully ripe citrus fruits.
  • tagetes lucida. This variety had a very spicy aniseed taste. In South America this marigold is used like parsley.
  • tagetes minutes. This species also has a pleasant aniseed aroma. The leaves are used in the South American homeland of the marigold as a salad and sauce seasoning.
  • tagetes filifolia. Because of the intense sweet root aroma of this marigold, which has small white flowers, this marigold is also known as licorice tagetes. You can nibble on the leaves straight from the bush - an extremely healthy and figure-friendly treat. The plant parts can also be processed into tea or liquorice vinegar.

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You can dig up all edible marigolds in autumn and overwinter them indoors, so that you can enjoy the aromatic flowers and leaves even in the cold season.

The spice tagetes

Hobby cooks will love this plant, because the tagetes tenuifolia (narrow-leaved marigold) not only blooms tirelessly and smells very pleasant, but it is also edible. The pretty orange-red flowers and leaves have a fine tangerine peel aroma that goes wonderfully with summer salads and desserts. The addition of flowers or leaves gives hot dessert sauces with wine an exceptionally interesting taste.


In homeopathy, the Tagetes is used for depressive moods. South Americans say of marigold flower that with its sunny appearance it brings the sun back to life.