Changing the line on the grass trimmer - how to do it right

Changing the line on the grass trimmer - how to do it right

Change the entire bobbin or just the thread?

Find out in advance whether your grass trimmer (€ 26.75 on Amazon *) is even designed for a line change. Inexpensive models are designed so that a completely new spool is required every time the cutting line is used up. The cheap purchase turns out to be expensive in retrospect, because a new thread head is more expensive than a simple wire.

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To make matters worse, you are bound to the manufacturer when buying replacement spools because the spools are not compatible with third-party devices. It is advantageous that the replacement of a thread spool can be done in no time using the operating instructions.

Changing threads made easy - this is how you wind the wire correctly

Thanks to the well thought-out design, the bobbins are reused on high-quality grass trimmers. Only a new cutting line is on the shopping list. The instruction manual gives the correct thread size and length. You can get the right wire cheaply in any hardware store. How to wind the thread correctly:

  • Secure the grass trimmer: pull out the power plug, take out the battery or remove the spark plug cable
  • Open the thread head by pressing the two side clamps
  • Pull off the cover and take out the empty bobbin
  • Bend the new wire in the middle and hook it into the guide of the double thread spool
  • Wind up both thread halves parallel to each other in a clockwise direction
  • Insert each of the two ends into the corresponding slots on the line head

Please make sure that each of the two thread ends protrudes a maximum of 10 to 20 cm. Pull each wire tight before putting the lid on.


If the thread on the grass trimmer breaks, a new wire does not necessarily have to be found. You can repair the cutting line with a little dexterity. Find the thread ends in the bobbin, pull them out and thread the wire ends back into the slots on the edge. So that the thread lasts longer, you should put it in water for 24 hours before the next use.