Aloe vera contains toxins

Aloe vera contains toxins

The aloe vera gel can be applied directly to the skin or made into ointments, lotions or cocktails. After the leaf has been cut off, the yellow, bitter-tasting juice should be allowed to run out for a few hours before the leaf tissue is used again.

Be careful with internal use

The commercially available aloe products are safe to consume. Side effects are not to be feared; In the worst case, they are ineffective due to industrial processing.

One should be careful when harvesting aloe leaves yourself. Their juice contains aloin. This slightly toxic substance can cause symptoms of intoxication such as intestinal bleeding, diarrhea and disturbances in the electrolyte balance if it is ingested in high concentrations.


Aloe vera is poisonous to pets. Cats and birds can suffer from severe irritation of the intestines and kidneys from the toxins they contain.