Help! The ranunculus has brown spots!

Help! The ranunculus has brown spots!

Possible cause 1: diseases

Ranunculus bushes are considered robust and less prone to disease. But these trees are not 100% immune from fungal and viral diseases. For example, leaf spot disease can develop. This manifests itself in brown spots on the leaves.

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If you can trace the brown spots back to a fungal pathogen, you should cut off the affected areas with clean wood shears and dispose of them. Any discolored leaves are also disposed of. If necessary, you can resort to an appropriate fungicide if cutting as a measure does not help.

Possible cause 2: disadvantageous location

Excessive exposure to sunlight, especially at lunchtime, can be a nuisance to ranunculus. It is therefore advisable to plant this wood in a shady location, ideally in a sheltered location.

The wrong substrate can also cause brown spots on the leaves. Is it too wet? Too condensed? Too calcareous? It should have the following characteristics to prevent stains:

  • permeable
  • slightly acidic to neutral
  • low in lime
  • sandy-loamy
  • moderately moist

Possible cause 3: poor maintenance

Have you overfertilized your ranunculus? Or could it be that he is lacking in nutrients? Brown spots can be an indication of an unsuitable nutrient balance. If there is a lack of nutrients, you can act quickly by adding compost or other organic fertilizer to the ranunculus. In the case of over-fertilization, you should rather move the crop before it dies completely!

Even if the shrub suffers from moisture, its leaves can discolor and develop brown spots. The wetness in the root area often leads to rot. The roots slowly die off, the leaves are no longer properly supplied with nutrients, change color, dry up and finally fall off.


Watch your ranunculus! Often brown spots on the leaves are just a temporary phenomenon caused by repositioning or stress.