Yellow leaves on cyclamen - what's behind it?

Yellow leaves on cyclamen - what's behind it?

Too sunny, warm or cool location

A location that does not meet the requirements of the cyclamen quickly leads to yellow leaves. If it is too warm, too cold or the humidity is too low, the cyclamen denies this with the yellowing of the leaves.

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The cyclamen should be in a bright place but protected from direct sunlight. The temperature in the room should not exceed 20 ° C. This plant also attaches great importance to high humidity.

Failure to pour

Cyclamen need a lot of water. But not too much! It is important to find the healthy mediocrity. They should be watered when their top layer of soil has dried. Both too much and too little water result in yellow leaves.

Leaves yellowed after flowering

If the cyclamen gets yellow leaves after it has bloomed, don't worry. This is normal because the cyclamen uses it to prepare for its resting phase. Just before this sets in, its leaves turn yellow and dry up.

What to do with the leaves

Yellow leaves shouldn't be left standing or ignored. Note the following:

  • remove yellow leaves regularly
  • also remove dead flowers
  • do not cut it off, but pull it out with one jerk
  • This prevents putrefaction

Tips & Tricks

Caution: As ugly as yellow leaves are - they are a good first warning sign of mistakes in care or a bad location! This is often followed by diseases such as tuber rot or an infestation with spider mites.