Boxwood gets brown and dry leaves - what to do?

Boxwood gets brown and dry leaves - what to do?

Common causes

If the box turns brown, you should first look for the cause of any hasty action (which can quickly cause even greater damage). Brown leaves can have various reasons, some of which can be remedied very quickly:

  • wrong location: often too sunny, so that sunburn occurs
  • Water shortage: often occurs during the summer in places that are too sunny and warm, water regularly
  • Waterlogging: If the soil is permanently too moist or wet, it is often associated with a fungal disease
  • Nutrient deficiency: insufficient or incorrect supply of fertilizer
  • Plant protection products: Buchs is very sensitive to chemicals, so it is better to work with plant-based products
  • Pest infestation: often by spider mites or gall mosquitoes

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For treatment, the causes must be eliminated (e.g. by shading, repositioning, etc.) and the dry areas cut out. Horn shavings (€ 6.39 at Amazon *) and other organic fertilizers such as compost support the plants in developing new, healthy shoots.

What to do in the event of an acute fungal attack?

It becomes more difficult when fungal pathogens such as the dreaded shoot death are stuck behind the brown leaves. In these cases, the only thing that helps, if at all, is acting quickly, even with a slight infestation:

  • powerful pruning far into the healthy wood
  • Collect all clippings and fallen leaves and dispose of them with household waste
  • never compost or leave behind
  • Fungal spores can still cause infection years later
  • Do not plant any boxwood in this location for several years
  • or make a generous floor replacement
  • Always disinfect garden tools carefully before and after use


You can prevent fungal problems by planting resistant or resistant species and varieties (e.g. Buxus sempervirens 'Arborescens' and 'Elegantissima' and Buxus microphylla 'Schopes' and 'Herrenhausen').