Let the millet germinate

Let the millet germinate


You need:

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  • a screw jar with a perforated lid
  • water
  • Millet seeds
  • put the millet in the glass and add three times the amount of water
  • let the grains soak for twelve hours
  • pour off the water
  • store the jar tilted in a bright place
  • rinse the millet twice a day and then place the glass back in its starting position
  • the first shoots appear after a few days
  • The millet is ready to eat after four days at the latest
  • Advantage of sprouted millet

    • after three days of germination, the vitamin content of millet multiplies
    • Vitamin E: 300%
    • Vitamin C: 600%
    • Vitamin B: depending on the type 202-1200%
    • The quality of the millet can be checked through germination
    • the millet develops a mild, sweet taste
    • By breaking down complex carbohydrates, millet becomes more digestible
    • germination increases shelf life
    • good alternative to the limited range of fruit and vegetables in winter

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    Use sprouted millet

    • in salads
    • in muesli
    • in smoothies or fruit juices
    • sprinkled on bread

    Note: Pay more attention to hygienic conditions during germination. Of course, you should always wash your hands thoroughly when touching your millet seedlings. The glass should also be sterile. It is very important that no water accumulates at the bottom of the glass. This will spoil your seedlings. A smell test will help identify bad millet seedlings. Fresh germination always smells fresh.