The marigold, a natural helper against snails

The marigold, a natural helper against snails

Tagetes are a magical attraction for snails

Almost every gardener who has ever planted marigolds in the garden knows the picture: the plants that were still attractively blooming the evening before were completely eaten away by slugs during the night and form a pathetic picture. Since slug pellets (€ 16.78 at Amazon *) should be taboo in vegetable patches, you can use this effect and plant marigolds against snails.

  • Plant some marigold between plants.
  • The snails will pounce on this food in the evening hours.
  • Collect and release or destroy the animals.

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However, this procedure should be used with caution in areas with a lot of snails, as the marigolds could also attract all the snails in the neighborhood.

Protect marigold from snails

If you would like to enjoy the pretty daisy flowers of the various types of daily teas, the snail plague must be contained by taking appropriate measures. The often recommended beer trap should not be used in this case, as the smell of beer and marigold attracts snails even more. It makes more sense to make a ring:

  • sawdust
  • Stone meal
  • Quicklime

To be sprinkled around the plants or the bed. Snails shy away from drought and avoid crawling over these surfaces. The barrier strips must be renewed after every downpour.

The most promising is to fight snails with a snail fence, which the animals cannot overcome. This not only protects the lettuce, but also the marigolds effectively from the slimy eaters.


Make your garden attractive to the natural predators of the slugs. Hedgehogs, moles, frogs and blackbirds actively support them in the fight against snails and other harmful insects.