Snowdrops - flowering time, time to multiply and transplant

Snowdrops - flowering time, time to multiply and transplant

When do snowdrops bloom?

The individual blooms of snowdrops appear at different times depending on the species. In addition, the location, the nutrient supply of the soil and the planting time play a role in the flowering period.

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Here the flowering times:

  • early species and wild species: from October to spring
  • late varieties bloom in April
  • most snowdrops bloom between January and February
  • In cool locations, the flowering time is postponed by about a month
  • By May at the latest, the flowering time of all snowdrops is over

During or after flowering: plant out, propagate, transplant

During its flowering, the ideal time has come for the snowdrop to multiply. It can be dug up and tolerates this procedure very well. The excavated plant is examined in the root area. It is now shared there. Alternatively, the snowdrop can be propagated via its daughter bulbs after it has blossomed.

A good time has also come to transplant during or after flowering. It should be ensured that the new location is not close to coniferous trees (there is acidic soil that the snowdrop cannot tolerate) and that the soil is well drained. After transplanting, vigorous watering is crucial for growth.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to witness snowdrop flowers again next year, remember not to mow the lawn during flowering!