Breeding water fleas in the rain barrel

Breeding water fleas in the rain barrel

Breeding water fleas - a worthwhile hobby

Do you own an aquarium and would like to spend less on fish feed in the future? Then breed the food in your own garden in the rain barrel. Water fleas require little maintenance and as live food offer the following advantages for your fish:

  • High fiber content
  • Simple breeding
  • Are gladly accepted by fish
  • Easy to cultivate in the garden
  • Cost savings
  • Keep your fish moving in the form of live food

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Note: Don't confuse the high fiber content with the nutrients. These supply water fleas in a comparatively small amount. They are therefore not suitable as sole feed.

Advantages of growing in the rain barrel

  • Space saving
  • Water fleas destroy algae
  • You don't need to control the water temperature.
  • No additional feeding necessary

Breeding instructions


So that your culture develops well, an initial population of around 100 water fleas is recommended. You can obtain this from specialist shops. Otherwise you only need a rain barrel and, if necessary, some food for the water fleas.

Location of the rain barrel

It is best to place your rain barrel in partial shade. It shouldn't be too warm or too cold. By the way, by moving water, avoid algae from settling on the leftover food. A little draft can therefore do no harm.

What do water fleas eat?

In contrast to indoor cultivation, you hardly have to feed them when they are kept in the rain barrel. For a good development, however, it is definitely advisable to initially supply the water fleas with nutrients. Suitable is

  • Spirulina powder
  • yeast
  • Floating layers
  • Microcell
  • Liquicell
  • Microplan
  • Swelling bladder snails


Every five to ten days you can take a few water fleas from your herd and feed them to your fish. However, you should limit yourself to a small amount to ensure the survival of your culture.