Disguise pond filters - you have these options

Disguise pond filters - you have these options

Optical impairment

Pond filters and pumps with their plastic housings do not match a pond that looks natural. They seem out of place and annoying and therefore usually catch the eye immediately.

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In order to visually conceal them, they can easily be disguised. However, you must make sure that you still have sufficient access to the devices:

  • to dismantle them
  • to open them when necessary
  • to purify them
  • to be able to read the display for cleaning

Cladding must therefore always be designed in such a way that it allows easy access to the devices and can also be completely removed (for example when the pond filter and pond pump are dismantled during the winter months and stored in the house).

Fairings in trade

Most of the claddings offered in stores are designed as “decorative rocks”. They look quite convincing and fit in well with many plant environments.

If you don't particularly like this “uniform design”, you can also resort to more creative options.

Disguise as a small house

House-shaped claddings are very popular. The small houses look like model houses and are often lovingly executed: with half-timbered or thatched roof, true to the original with windows, doors and masonry or as a complete system of several houses next to each other.

Creative disguises

In principle, you can use any material and any decorative object that can accommodate a pond filter and pond pump. The possibilities for this are almost unlimited:

Simply take an old decorative keg and place the pond pump and pond filter in it. You can then conveniently lead the spout straight through the bunghole of the keg.

Build a “treasure chest” or a pirate chest for the pond bank and put the two devices in it. If the box is a bit bigger, you can also put a little pond accessories into it.

A hollow tree stump or a planted bowl can also be used to accommodate the pond filter and pond pump.


Above all, make sure that you can still read the cleaning indicators on the pond filter easily and clearly - they are important in operation.