Why do mangoes turn brown inside?

Why do mangoes turn brown inside?

The brown discoloration can already occur during transport, because the often unripe harvested mangoes are brought to Europe by ship in refrigerated containers, but also in your own refrigerator if a mango is stored there for a longer period of time. The end result is the same.

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Reasons for brown pulp:

  • unripe harvest
  • wrong transport temperature
  • too cold storage

Can you still eat mangoes with brown flesh?

As long as the mango still tastes good, you can in principle still eat it. However, since mangoes need a ripening temperature of around 20-25 ° C in order to develop their full flavor, a mango that has not ripened in the refrigerator will never taste really good.

If, on the other hand, the mango has only been in the refrigerator for a few hours and has only a few brown spots, perhaps around the core, then you can safely cut them out and enjoy the rest of the mango. If you have bought a larger quantity of ripe mangoes than you can use up in a short period of time, it is better to freeze them than to store them in the refrigerator.

How do you prevent a mango from turning brown?

It is best to buy a mango that was harvested ripe and only had a short transport time. Such fruits are often offered as so-called flight mangoes. Since they do not last as long as unripe harvested mangoes and the flight costs more money than a ship passage, these mangoes are usually a bit more expensive. But the expense is worth it.

If possible, do not store your mangoes in the refrigerator, as the brown color is harmful to the cold. You can only put a fully ripe mango in the refrigerator for a short time because you want to enjoy it cold, for example. However, the taste unfolds much better with a fruit that is room temperature.

Tips & Tricks

If you don't keep your mango in the fridge, then it won't brown as quickly on the inside and it will taste significantly better.