Transplanting peonies - a delicate undertaking

Transplanting peonies - a delicate undertaking

Transplanting should be well thought out!

If you are going to transplant your peony, you should think carefully about this step. Peonies don't like it when you dig them up and move them. They have sensitive roots that can be quickly damaged. It is not uncommon for peonies to be attacked after they have been infected ...

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For the fun of transplanting, you shouldn't put the peonies anywhere else. However, the following reasons are understandable and justified:

  • Blooming laziness has set in
  • The plant is repeatedly attacked by diseases
  • Location is too shady
  • Peony is being displaced by the surrounding, highly competitive plants
  • other plants must necessarily be in the location of the peony

The right timing

The time for the transplanting action should be right. This means that one should consider the peony's resting phase. They should never be moved while they are in bloom! The time after flowering is well suited. The procedure can start from August. Until September, there is a good chance that the planted plants will still be able to take root well into winter.

The new location - just perfect

But what should the new location look like? Peonies need sunny to shady locations to grow healthily. So opt for a location in the sun or in partial shade, preferably in a protected location.

The soil at the site should not be too acidic or too alkaline. A pH value of 6 is ideal. The following are also advantageous:

  • good nutrient balance
  • a lot of humus
  • sufficient permeability
  • loamy texture

Ready? Then it can go!

How to proceed now:

  • Carefully dig out the root piece with a digging fork
  • Remove any leaves that may be present
  • Dig a new planting hole with a spade
  • if necessary add some compost
  • Do not set the plant too deep
  • fill up with soil
  • keep slightly moist

Share and multiply quickly

Transplanting is ideal for dividing the plant at the same time and thus propagating it. But: only older plants are suitable for this! Simply divide the root piece with a spade or a sharp, clean knife.

Each cut should have at least 3 buds. When planting, make sure that the planting distance is half the width of the respective variety. After pouring on, it does not take long until the propagation shows success!


If you decide to split your peony, keep in mind that it will take at least 2 years for the new pieces to bloom for the first time!

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