Why does the golden fruit palm get brown leaf tips?

Why does the golden fruit palm get brown leaf tips?

Causes of the brown leaf tips of the Areca palm

If only the tips of the leaves of the frond turn brown, this is the first sign that the humidity in the room is too low. This happens quite often, especially in winter, when the heating is on and the room climate is very dry as a result.

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If whole fronds turn brown or yellow, care errors or pest infestation may be the cause. A location that is too sunny also leads to brown leaf tips or yellow leaves.

Simply cut off brown leaf tips?

The brown leaf tips look ugly and can disturb the overall appearance of the palm. You can therefore cut them off. However, they do not grow back.

If you want to cut the tips, use sharp secateurs. Nail scissors will do the job for very filigree fronds. It is important that the scissors are cleaned before cutting so that they do not transmit diseases or pests.

Just cut off the brown of the tips. If you cut into the still green frond parts, the edges there will turn brown. Over time, the whole frond changes color and dies.

This is how you prevent brown leaf tips of the golden fruit palm

You can easily prevent brown leaf tips on the Areca palm by regularly spraying the fronds with water. It is essential to use water with little lime that must not be too cold.

In summer, place the golden fruit palm outside in a bright, but not directly sunny place. In winter she likes direct sun, but you shouldn't care for the tree behind a pane of glass. The leaf tips and the whole fronds can burn if the sun shines longer.


There is no risk of poisoning for gold fruit palms for small children or pets such as cats. Nevertheless, place the palm out of reach.