Tips for caring for a Canary Island date palm

Tips for caring for a Canary Island date palm

How do you water a Canary Island date palm properly?

The root ball must be kept evenly moist in spring and summer. Avoid waterlogging, however, by only watering when the upper layer of soil has dried. Pour the water out of the saucer or planter immediately.

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How often you have to water depends, among other things, on the temperatures. If it is very warm and sunny, frequent watering is necessary. In cooler temperatures, one watering per week is often enough. In winter only give enough water to prevent the root ball from drying out completely.

When caring for in the room, you should regularly spray the Canary Island date palm with water to increase the humidity.

When and how are Canary Island date palms fertilized?

During the growth phase, the Canary Island date palm is supplied with liquid fertilizer every two weeks.

In winter and immediately after repotting, you may no longer fertilize the Canary Island date palm.

How often do the palm trees have to be repotted?

At the latest when the roots look out of the top of the pot, it's time to repot.

Why can't you cut a Canary Island date palm?

The Canary Island date palm has only one vegetation point. If you shorten the palm, it cannot grow any further. You can only cut brown leaves.

What diseases and pests to watch out for?

Diseases are very rare. Especially when the humidity is too low, it can cause an infestation

  • Mealybug
  • Scale insects
  • Spider mites

come. The red palm weevil only occurs if you tend the Canary Island date palm outdoors.

How is the Canary Island date palm overwintered?

Canary Island date palms are hardy to -6 degrees.

The ideal temperatures during the winter are between ten and twelve degrees. The location should be bright but not sunny in winter.


If the Canary Island date palm occasionally gets brown leaves, this is usually no problem. You should only place the plant in a less sunny position if it occurs more frequently. Also, be careful not to water the palm too much.