Simply leave the lawn behind after mowing

Simply leave the lawn behind after mowing

Requirements for leaving the lawn lying around

  • Often mow or
  • Use mulching mower
  • Only mow in dry weather
  • Leave only short grass clippings
  • Better compost cut with inflorescences
  • Rake off lawns that are too wet

Leave the clippings behind - requirements

Lawn clippings are valuable biomass that you can put to good use in the garden. The cut blades of grass decompose, releasing nutrients that benefit other plants - including the lawn itself. In summers with too little rain, they also provide protection against the soil drying out.

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In order for the lawn to be left behind, you have to make sure that the stalks are not too long. Otherwise it will take too long to rot. There is a risk that the clippings clump together and rot, thus preventing air and sun from reaching the lawn.

The lawn has to be mowed so often that the cut blades of grass are a maximum of two centimeters long. When you use a mulching mower, you don't have to cut the lawn as often. The mower chops up the stalks so that they can hardly be seen on the lawn.

Mow in dry weather

Only mow when the weather is as dry as possible so that the clippings are nice and dry. Leave out the grass mower's collecting basket so that the clippings are evenly distributed over the lawn.

If the cut is very damp or the lawn is generally too wet, it is better to collect the clippings in the basket or to rake them later and dispose of them. This also applies if the lawn is interspersed with blooming weeds. It can be disposed of as mulch material under trees and bushes, on the compost heap or in the municipal garbage disposal bin.

Tips & Tricks

The easiest way to mow the lawn so that the cut can remain is to buy a robot lawn mower. Depending on the setting, the robot mows the green area so often that the cut stalks are only a few millimeters long.