Do you have to use physalis like tomatoes?

Do you have to use physalis like tomatoes?

Skimming - what is it?

The gardener understands the term “pruning” to mean breaking out or cutting out side shoots. Bushy plants such as tomatoes would put too much energy into their growth without this procedure, so that the set fruits ultimately cannot reach maturity at all. The aim of pruning is simply to get straight, single shoots whose fruits receive enough light and air for the ripening process.

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This is how you go about skimming

  • The unwanted side shoots grow directly from the leaf axils.
  • They should be removed as early as possible.
  • Simply snap off the soft shoots with two fingers (nails).
  • You can also use nail scissors.
  • But leave the large leaves standing!
  • Pruning must be repeated whenever new side shoots appear.

Andean berries exhausted - yes or no?

The Andean berries - just like the tomato - grow very bushy and develop many shoots. At the same time, one plant alone develops up to 300 berries - this means that if you want to reap a significant harvest, pruning would be appropriate. Many plants grow so densely that no more light can reach the many fruits inside and they then simply rot. However, whether pricking out is actually necessary depends on the individual case. Some people just let their physalis grow in the garden and have no problems with fruit ripening. This is why pruning is not quite as important with physalis as it is with tomatoes - but you can use scissors if the plants grow too lush.


Physalis reach a height of about one meter. Offer the plant a growth aid, for example in the form of a stick. This should be at least 1.50 meters high, after all the lower part disappears into the earth. Attach the main shoot of the physalis to it (e.g. with the help of twine or clips) so that the plant has a more stable hold.