Mint or peppermint - what's the difference?

Mint or peppermint - what's the difference?

A peppermint doesn't make a Hugo

The real peppermint (Mentha x piperita) persistently leads the ranking within the diverse mint genus. The varietal cultivated plant scores with a peppery aroma that is extremely invigorating. Mint tea is an indispensable part of everyday life as a thirst quencher. In medicine, the herb works wonders, relieving many ailments, from cold symptoms to stomach pressure and insect bites.

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Meanwhile, the supporters of the new cult drink Hugo stand up on the back of their necks, the bartender adds peppermint. Fresh mint is an indispensable ingredient for the cocktail - but not peppermint, please. This is where the versatile mint types and varieties come into play, which are popular with Hugo fans:

  • Moroccan mint: the aromatic temptation from North Africa
  • Spearmint: the classic from England, very British - very cool
  • Orange-mint: a fruity-tart seduction
  • Chocolate mint: the noble variety with the velvety-sweet aroma
  • Spearmint: the variety with the Doublemint taste

Here the difference is on the tongue

The question of mint or peppermint becomes even more relevant if you have tasted the following varieties:

  • Strawberry mint: the delicate variety for the balcony, the taste is reminiscent of ripe strawberries
  • Amber-mint: it exudes the balsamic scent of spicy incense resin
  • Caraway mint: it gives hearty meat dishes a special flavor
  • Thai mint 'Thai Bai Saranae': it is impossible to imagine Thai cuisine without it
  • Pineapple-mint 'Variegata': fruity in taste, an ornament in the bed

This small excerpt from the multi-faceted variety reveals why gourmets attach so much importance to the subtle difference. The wide range of options arouses a passion for collecting among hobby gardeners. Notwithstanding the serious divergences in terms of aroma and taste; Fortunately, mints pull together in cultivation.

Tips & Tricks

As versatile as the possible uses of peppermint, the plant is just as bitchy in terms of its reproduction. The breeding succeeds only with cuttings or runners. In the course of evolution, this type of mint lost the ability to produce germinable seeds.