Hanging trees add variety to the garden

Hanging trees add variety to the garden

Different shapes of hanging trees

There are several types of hanging trees, sometimes called cascade trees. One form includes normal-growing tree species in which only the thinner branches overhang. Typical examples are the widespread weeping willow (Salix alba 'Tristis') and the Himalayan cedar (Cedrus deodara). The second group, however, includes species in which all branches droop. You can often recognize trees in this group by the suffix 'Pendula', which is added to the botanical name.

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It doesn't always have to be the weeping willow - the most beautiful species

Regardless of whether you want to plant a cascade tree in a small or a large garden: it must always stand alone. Hanging trees only really come into their own when they are planted as solitaires. They are rather unsuitable for group planting. Perfect places are, for example, in the middle of a lawn or next to the main entrance to the house.

Hanging trees for small gardens

Many cascade trees are smaller and less spreading than their larger relatives and therefore also fit perfectly in small gardens. We have compiled a selection of suitable variants for you in the following table.

Tree speciesVariety nameLatin nameLocationStatureWidthparticularities
Japanese pendent cherry'Pendula'Prunus subhirtellaSun to partial shadeup to four metersup to four metersabundant flowering, suitable for urban climates
Crabapple'Red Jade'MalusSun to partial shadeup to five metersup to 3.5 metersFruits are edible
Black and red copper beech'Purpurea Pendula'Fagus sylvaticaSun to partial shadebetween six and twelve metersup to eight metersvery dark foliage
Willow-leaved pear'Pendula'Pyrus salicifoliaSunup to six metersup to four metersslowly growing
Japanese clove cherry'Kiku-shidare-Zakura'Prunus serrulataSunup to five metersup to 4.5 meterslush pink bloom
Hanging kitten pasture'Pendula' / 'Kilmarnock'Salix capreaSun to partial shadeThe height of growth depends on the trunk heightup to 1.2 meterstrains kittens, bee pasture

Hanging trees with a large space requirement

If you have a lot of space in the garden, you need an imposing, impressive tree. Large cascade trees only really develop their full effect here. For example, these types are ideal for large gardens and parks:

Tree speciesVariety nameLatin nameLocationStatureWidthparticularities
Weeping willow'Tristis Resistenta'Salix albaSun to partial shadeup to 15 metersup to 12 metersperfect for bodies of water
Weeping birch'Youngii'Betula pendulaSun to partial shadeup to seven metersup to four metersumbrella-like crown
Hanging Nordmann fir'Pendula'Abies nordmannianaSun to partial shadeup to 30 metersup to nine metersforms cones up to 18 centimeters long
Hanging silky pine'Pendula'Pinus strobusSun to partial shadeup to four metersup to three metersideal for the rock garden


Trees with a spherical or umbrella-shaped crown are also attractive eye-catchers in the garden.