The right location for the warmth-loving fig

The right location for the warmth-loving fig

The perfect conditions in the garden

To grow vigorously, figs need:

  • lots of sunlight
  • Sufficient warmth, especially in autumn
  • a permeable, nutrient-rich soil

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In the milder regions of Germany, a sheltered place in the garden is suitable, where the fig with its broad crown and gnarled trunk develops into an attractive wood. In rougher areas you can plant fig trees that have been allowed to grow in the tub for two to three years directly on the house wall. Since the fig tolerates prunings well, you can use them as a decorative trellis fruit. A fig tree, which you cultivate in a warm and light-flooded inner courtyard, exudes a southern ambience in the city.

A fig as a container plant

Figs can be cultivated well in the tub. In the summer months you will feel very comfortable on a sunny balcony or terrace. In mild regions you can overwinter the potted plants with some winter protection in a protected corner of the patio and do not have to bring the plants into the house.

The suitable winter quarters

In rough areas, it is advisable to care for the figs in a frost-free room during the winter months. Since the fig sheds its leaves in autumn, it hardly needs any light and can also be overwintered in the dark garage or basement.

As soon as night frosts are no longer to be expected, the fig can move outdoors. Please do not expose the plant to full sun immediately. Without getting used to UV light, the leaves of figs react in a similar way to human skin with sunburn, which can weaken the wood.