Sow or stick garlic? - It is definitely easy

Sow or stick garlic? - It is definitely easy

Sowing garlic seeds. Which seeds?

Not that easy to get garlic seeds. They are only available in specialist shops for a few weeks in autumn each year. This is because they do not have a long shelf life, because they have little in common with seeds in the traditional sense.

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When we talk about garlic seeds, we actually mean small bulbs. After the white or pink bloom, they develop in cylindrical shells. Garlic seeds are purple in color and have a very firm consistency.

If hobby gardeners are friends with their own garlic growers, the chances of getting fresh seeds are excellent. The bulbs are cut out of the top hat with a sharp knife.

Dates for sowing are in spring and autumn

Choose a sunny spot for sowing that is warm and as protected as possible at the same time. The soil is ideally loose, humus, rich in nutrients and not too dry. Garlic is sown in February or October.

  • Work the bedding soil into fine crumbs and remove weeds
  • Rake neatly sifted compost into the clod
  • At a distance of 10-15 cm, insert the seeds about 1-2 cm deep into the soil and water

The very tightly structured garlic seeds take up to 1 year longer to ripen. If that doesn't work quickly enough, put fresh garlic cloves instead. These are larger than seeds and require a planting depth of 5-7 cm.

Sow garlic properly in the planter

In the bucket or flower box (€ 13.18 at Amazon *), commercial vegetable soil serves as a suitable substrate. In such a confined space there is a risk of waterlogging. Therefore, lay a drainage on the floor made of pebbles, grit, (€ 12.80 at Amazon *) perlite (€ 32.90 at Amazon *) or crushed pottery shards.

If you have a weed control fabric on hand, spread it out over the drainage so that the substrate does not clog it. Otherwise there are no differences to sowing garlic in the bed.

Tips & Tricks

Sow garlic between tomatoes, carrots, strawberries or cucumbers. The emanating aroma effectively protects the neighbors against pests and diseases.