How to plant a balcony box in the shade - tips for your plant selection

How to plant a balcony box in the shade - tips for your plant selection

Colorful flowers in a shady flower box - a handpicked selection

Shade bloomers are in short supply in the plant kingdom. Nevertheless, various flowers and perennials have managed to bloom for a long time and magnificently with minimal light output. You can get to know some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelery for the shady flower box (€ 13.18 at Amazon *) here:

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Shade bloomers for the window boxBotanical nameHeydayStatureannual / multi-year
Bush anemoneAnemone nemorosaMarch to April15 cmperennial
Busy LizzieImpatiens AccentMay until October20-35 cmannual
Lily grapeLiriope muscariAugust to October20-25 cmperennial
Mountain forest cranesbillGeranium nodosumJune to November25-30 cmperennial

Decorative leaf plants - the weak light experts in the plant kingdom

Where the sun is a rare guest all year round, decorative foliage plants boast floral beauty. The following species and varieties replace the splendor of flowers in the shady flower box with colorful, shapely leaves:

Leaf decoration for shady window boxesBotanical namespecial attributeStatureannual / multi-year
Little Gold FunkieHosta 'Golden Wave'golden-yellow, lanceolate leaves20-25 cmperennial
Dark GunselAjuga reptans 'Black Scallop'dark red, shiny foliage15-20 cmperennial
Purple SpurgeEuphorbia amygdaloides 'Purpurea'green leaves on red stems, purple in winter25-30 cmperennial
Japanese rainbow fern 'Athyrium niponicum 'Metallicum'silver-purple fronds20-40 cmperennial
Heart trembling grassBriza media 'trembling zebra'white-colored stalks20-30 cmperennial

Elegantly hanging cushions decorate every flower box. For this purpose, creative home gardeners plant balcony boxes (€ 106.25 on Amazon *) in the foreground with carpet-forming or climbing plants. The pretty perennial evergreen (Vinca minor 'Green Carpet') has emerged for shady locations. From April to May, the undemanding beauty with light blue flowers acts as a special herald of spring.


Planting balcony boxes hardy in the shade is one of the special challenges in creative garden design. The small purple bell 'Berry Smoothie' (Heuchera villosa) belongs to the illustrious circle of floral survivors for these location requirements. The hardy jewel inspires with pink decorative leaves, the edges of which curl decoratively.