When is the heyday of forget-me-nots?

When is the heyday of forget-me-nots?

The flowering time depends on the forget-me-not species

  • Forest forget-me-not: May
  • Forget-me-nots of the Alps: June, July
  • Forget-me-nots in the fields: April to October
  • Forget-me-nots of lawns: April to June
  • Swamp Forget-Me-Not: June

Sow forget-me-nots early

In order to achieve an early flowering period, you need to sow the plants in good time in the previous year. The sowing should be done by summer. Then the forget-me-not plants have enough time to form foliage and roots to survive the winter and produce flowers early.

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If the plants are grown in good time, the flowering time often begins in March - provided the weather is good and it is no longer too cold.

Cut after the flowering period

Forget-me-not seeds themselves. If you let the seeds ripen on the plant, you will find new forget-me-nots everywhere for the next year.

To prevent this, cut off dead inflorescences immediately. This will not allow you to achieve a second flowering period, but it will prevent the uncontrolled flowering period.

If you want to sow yourself, simply leave a few plants with dead inflorescences. It is spread via animals. You can also simply cut off the inflorescences and shake them out at the desired location.


Most types of forget-me-nots have blue five-leaf flowers. If pink flowers appear in the garden, it is usually because the sap is still too acidic. Later, the flowers change color again to the familiar blue.