When should the amaryllis be cut after flowering?

When should the amaryllis be cut after flowering?

Cut knight star in stages - How to do it right

A lovingly cared for amaryllis enchants us with its blossoms until February. At the end of the flowering period, the starting shot for the summer growth period is given, which in turn leads to an autumn rest phase. One of the key factors in the care program is gradual pruning, in combination with a balanced water and nutrient balance. That is how it goes:

  • Clean up withered flowers as soon as possible
  • In February / March cut off the yellowed, withered inflorescence stem 5 cm above the bulb
  • At least now the leaves will start to grow
  • Fertilize every 14 days from April to July and water regularly from below

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In July, gradually reduce the water supply. From August the knight's star receives neither water nor fertilizer and remains in a cool, dark location. Now the onion pulls in the leaves and stores the nutrients it contains as a reserve. Do not cut off the leaves until they have died.

Cultivate amaryllis evergreen

English gardeners found out that a knight's star does not necessarily have to rely on a dry, dark resting phase in autumn. Instead, the plant takes a partially shaded location at a cool 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. The amaryllis receives sips of water so that the leaves do not pull in and turn yellow.

After 3 months, repot the knight star and shorten the leaves to 10 cm. Then place the pot in a sunny, warm window seat and water regularly. When the first buds sprout, the usual care program begins.