Schefflera: Obtain and develop offshoots

Schefflera: Obtain and develop offshoots

Use head cuttings or trunk cuttings

Both head cuttings and trunk cuttings are known to be well-rooted in the ray aralia. The time has come in the spring before budding. Use the shoot tips for the head cuttings and parts of the already lignified middle part of the plant for the trunk cuttings.

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Cut off the shoots and prepare them for sticking

In the course of pruning, you can obtain shoots that you can use for propagating cuttings. Please note:

  • 15 to 20 cm long
  • The cut edge should be sloping
  • like to let the base of the trunk adhere to the cut piece
  • remove lower leaves
  • leave upper leaves

Wait until they are rooted

Now the shoots come in a pot with potting soil. Move them into there about 5 cm. The substrate must then be kept moist in order to ensure rooting. You are welcome to put a plastic sheet over it so that the moisture does not evaporate. Place the pot in a warm (20 to 25 ° C) and bright location.

You can also put the shoots in a glass with water. They also take root in this. Use water with little lime for this. The water should be changed every 2 to 3 days. The glass is placed in a bright place for rooting. After several weeks, white root threads will appear. Then it's time to plant the cuttings.

Leaf cuttings: You can also make something out of the leaves

You can also use the long-stalked leaves of this houseplant as an offshoot. They should still be green and strong. Cut it off along with its long stem.

Then either come in a pot with soil or in a glass with water. It is best to cut off 3 to 5 pieces immediately, as not all leaf cuttings always root.


Be sure to use a healthy mother plant for the offshoots! Otherwise, existing diseases could also be transmitted to the offspring.