Can primroses tolerate frost?

Can primroses tolerate frost?

Most species can tolerate frost

Most of the primrose species that are available in pots in DIY stores, supermarkets and garden centers in this country are hardy. With the right dose of care, they can live for many years and bloom joyfully every spring.

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But some species, such as the well-known cup primrose, tolerate freezing temperatures less and are not frost-proof. It is advisable to put them indoors to protect them from frost or to cover them with an insulating layer. The well-known pillow primroses and cowslips are hardy in this country.

Protect primroses from severe frost

Primroses that you have already planted in the garden should be protected when a harsh winter is announced. If temperatures drop below -5 ° C in the long term, you should have protective materials ready. You can protect your primroses with the following materials, for example:

  • brushwood
  • leaves
  • moss
  • Spruce branches
  • Bark mulch

Alternatively, you can dig up the primroses, put them in a pot or basket and overwinter at home or in the gazebo. It is important that the wintering location is frost-free but cool. The temperatures should settle between 3 and 10 ° C. When overwintering, care should be taken not to fertilize the primroses, but to water them moderately and regularly.

Protect primroses from frost in the pot

If the primroses in the pot are on the balcony or terrace, for example, they should be given extra attention in winter. The pot could freeze through and the plant die. In addition, at a few degrees below 0, the flowers could freeze to death. It is best to wrap these primroses with newspaper and cover them when temperatures drop below 0 ° C.

If it is colder than -5 ° C, the primroses should be put in the pot. But they shouldn't come into the warm living room. A frost-free but cool place such as the basement or the stairwell is better.

Do not plant primroses in frost

While most primrose species can tolerate frost, they should never be planted on a frosty day. A frozen ground makes planting very difficult and the roots of the primroses could freeze to death. Planting is better from 5 ° C.

Primroses that you receive in the garden center in January / February should also not be planted outdoors immediately. It is better to put them indoors first and plant them out from March or slowly get used to the cooler temperatures outside.

Tips & Tricks

A location close to the house protects the primroses from strong weather influences. In addition, houses radiate a certain warmth from the inside, which is good for the primroses in frosty conditions.