Daffodil bulbs - handling throughout the year

Daffodil bulbs - handling throughout the year

Plant the onions

Unlike most other plants, daffodil bulbs shouldn't be planted in spring. Unless you can do without the flowers for a year and wait. If you want to see daffodil flowers in the spring, you should plant the bulbs in the fall.

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This is how it works best:

  • Dig the planting hole 15 cm deep and loosen the soil in it
  • add some compost
  • Place the onion in the planting hole to a depth of 8 to 10 cm
  • cover with permeable, loamy soil
  • pour on
  • if necessary, apply a layer of mulch over it

Fertilize the onions

When spring has arrived, the daffodils are about to sprout. When the first green tips of the daffodils peek out of the ground, the perfect time has come to fertilize the daffodils.

If they were only planted with compost in autumn, there is no need to add fertilizer in spring. Compost and manure are suitable fertilizers for daffodils in the field. On the other hand, liquid fertilizers are more suitable for potted plants and daffodils in jars.

Dig up the onions

After the flower stalks have been cut out and the leaves yellowed and dried up, the bulbs can be dug up. This is usually the case in June. But remember: it is generally not absolutely necessary to dig up the onions. Daffodil bulbs in the field can stay in the ground if the site is not in danger of drying out.

Daffodil bulbs in pots as well as daffodil bulbs that have been in the bed for the third year should definitely be dug up in early summer. The daffodils in the field can be replanted and / or separated from their brood bulbs.

Dig deep and a few inches away from the onion to avoid damaging the onion. After digging, remove excess soil with a soft brush or with your hands. Sick, gnawed and dried onions are disposed of.

Separate the main onion from the broiling onions

After digging up the bulbs are separated. Usually, many brood bulbs develop over the course of a year. As they rob the main onion of nutrients, it is advisable to separate the onions. The bulbs can be used for propagation and planted elsewhere.

Summer the onions

When summer approaches, the healthy onions are - if necessary - over-summered:

  • Storage vessels: net, wooden box, basket, pot with sand or earth
  • Storage location: shady, cool, dry e.g. B. Garage
  • Protect onions from heat, sun and moisture
  • move out from September
  • Check for mold, rot, etc. before planting

Tips & Tricks

In contrast to tulip bulbs, voles don't like daffodil bulbs to eat at all.