The jacaranda tree is not hardy

The jacaranda tree is not hardy

The Jacaranda tree is not hardy and does not tolerate frost

In summer the Jacaranda tree thrives at normal room temperatures and can even be put outside on warm summer days. If it gets cooler, the tree needs to be cared for indoors because it is not hardy.

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While the summer temperatures are ideally between 18 and 24 degrees, they should be reduced to 15 to 17 degrees in winter. It should never get colder than 14 degrees at the location of the Jacaranda tree.

The hibernation begins for the Jacaranda tree in November and ends at the end of January. After that, the tree will slowly get used to warmer temperatures again. Spring is the best time to repot.

Where do you best overwinter the jacaranda tree?

All rooms where there are sufficiently warm temperatures and sufficient light are suitable as a place for wintering. For example:

  • heated winter gardens
  • warm greenhouses
  • slightly heated entrance areas
  • Corridors

Care during the winter break

During the winter, the Jacaranda tree should only be watered very sparingly. The substrate should always be slightly damp. If you give too much water, there is a risk of waterlogging, which can cause the roots and trunk of the rosewood tree to rot.

There is also no fertilization during the winter break.

Care of the Jacaranda tree as a bonsai in winter

Maintain the Jacaranda tree as a bonsai, make sure that the temperatures do not rise too high in winter. If the air is very warm, the leaves and the distance between the leaves of the tree become very large. That disturbs the overall picture considerably.

When repotting after the winter break, you should prune the roots of the jacaranda tree so that they branch better.


The jacaranda tree's blooming time falls in spring. It then develops very large flowers that smell pleasant. However, trees grown in indoor cultivation rarely flower.