Apricot varieties: Robust little trees are making their entrance

Apricot varieties: Robust little trees are making their entrance

Our recommendation for home gardens:


  • Fruits: juicy, medium-sized, orange
  • Growth: compact, weak
  • Special features: resistant to monilia and frost


  • Fruits: orange, small to medium-sized
  • Growth: upright
  • Special features: high-yield, regular harvest, robust


  • Fruits: aromatic, sweet and sour
  • Growth: strong
  • Special features: robust, frost hardy (suitable for cooler regions), sharka-resistant (as the only variety)


  • Fruits: medium-sized, firm, orange and red
  • Growth: strong (regular thinning necessary)
  • Special features: regular harvest, very frost hardy

Other varieties in alphabetical order:

It is helpful to find out more about the variety before choosing. There are apricots from newer cultivars that are not self-fruiting. In this case, attention must be paid to suitable neighbors in the vicinity.


  • Ambrosia: very juicy, medium-sized

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  • Golden Sun (pillar apricot): very sweet and aromatic, a lot of flowers in spring, only consumed fresh or immediate processing, suitable for pot planting
  • Gold Rich: late harvest, easy to care for, resistant to all kinds of diseases, frost hardy


  • Hargrand: slightly sour, high yield


  • Luizet: juicy, sweet, ideal for rough areas


  • Mino: sweet, juicy, not floury, susceptible to all types of mushrooms, frost hardy
  • Mombacher Früh: juicy, medium-sized, high yields, regular harvest


  • Nancy: large apricots, high and regular yield, frost hardy, frost-sensitive flowers, robust (rain)


  • Orangered (giant apricot): fine surface, juicy, sweet, firm, harvest throughout July


  • Prunus armeniaca (dwarf apricot): small stature (maximum 150 centimeters), late harvest (August to September), decorative habit


  • Rosina (dwarf apricot): ideal for planting in pots


  • Shipley's Blenheim: late variety, juicy, aromatic


  • Temporao de Villa Franca: juicy, firm, sweet and sour, orange, absolutely protected location, frost-hardy flowers


  • Uhlhorn's wonder apricot: very juicy and aromatic
  • Hungarian best: sweet, slightly sour, ideal for boiling down, prone to rain (fruits burst)


  • True early apricot: large fruits, very aromatic, sensitive to frost


  • Goldfeuer dwarf column (Pötschke): sweet and juicy, late harvest (end of July to August), minimal space requirement, up to 250 centimeters high

Tips & Tricks

When choosing the right location, keep in mind that every apricot tree is very sensitive to extremely low temperatures. Late spring frosts are particularly insidious.