Oleander loves calcareous soil

Oleander loves calcareous soil

Mix the potting soil for the oleander

Many potted plants are in good hands in commercially available potting soil, but oleanders are not. This loose, humus-rich substrate is not the right soil for the flowering shrub. Instead, it is best to mix your own oleander soil by mixing flower soil and loamy garden soil in roughly the same ratio and, if possible, adding some more sand. Don't forget to mix in a portion of slow-release fertilizer with the potting soil so that the oleander receives a good basic supply for the growing season.

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Repot the oleander once a year

Young oleander plants in particular grow very quickly and should therefore be repotted once a year. You replace the substrate every year and choose a slightly larger pot. Older oleanders, on the other hand, only need to be repotted about every five years. If possible, carry out this measure in spring, immediately after clearing the winter quarters.


If your oleander blooms little or no bloom, one possible (and very common) cause is nutritional deficiency. Make sure you have a nutrient-rich substrate (but with only a moderate amount of humus) and regular and adequate fertilization.